One of the gifts of modern technology is the ways it changes travel. Here is a list of the apps I used (very) frequently while studying abroad. From messaging to travel and navigation, these applications helped make traveling in other countries a much smoother experience.

  • VRN Ticket (the local transportation schedule and tickets)
  • Deutsche Bahn Navigator (as a student, DB provides discounts on their Bahn25 and 50 cards that make traveling much cheaper)
  • FlixBus (the best of budget travel)
  • Student Universe (best for longer flights)
  • Omio (overall best for figuring out whether bus, train, or plane is cheapest/fastest)
  • SkyScanner ( keeps an eye out for really cheap flights)
Trip Planning/ Navigating
  • Visit a City (gives an overview of what to see in the city)
  • Hostel world
  • Rick Steves Audio Europe (didn’t use that often, but gives lots of history)
  • (good hiking trails)
  • MarcoPolo (Great for communicating with family in a completely different time zone)
  • WhatsApp ( just a must. It’s the communication method of choice)
  • Skype (calling on Wifi)
  • Zoom (conference calls)
  • Google Translate
  • If you need a bank account in Germany, the online company N26 was reccomended to us. It’s completely digital, so also an app.