Between the end of the intensive language course and the orientation for the beginning of the semester, we had a 10 day gap to travel. Patricia, another student from OU, and I decided to visit Vienna for the first weekend. We left Friday and arrived back Tuesday and had an absolutely wonderful time. Vienna has such a rich musical and political history and was a hub of the western world for centuries prior to World War I. After our trip, we totaled up our experiences as follows:

12 Castles

13 Churches

3 Art venues

1 concert (free!)

1 opera (only 3€)

1 walking tour (free!)

2 hostels

3 buses (one overnight)

1 flight

6 trains

3 bike rides

0 missed transits!

5 neat food places

6 parks

2 rivers

3 nights

4 days

70 kilometers (and sore feet!)

somewhere between 8-10 cups of coffee

4 very stinky feet

6 cough drops